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First time at FIT?

A message from our front desk team. Welcome to FIT Studio. We are here to assist you upon your arrival at the Studio. If you are a first timer, we will assist you so that you feel at home on the Group Fitness floor. So, do not hesitate to seek us out. We want you to experience success and comfort from the moment you walk through the door! We look forward to getting to know you at FIT! Email us with any questions.

FIT Studio offers private one-on-one training, small group training, and virtual and on-demand fitness classes.


We look forward to seeing you at the studio or in a class via livestream. Our clients are the lifeblood of our studio, and we commit to helping you achieve real, rapid results.  FIT Studio is a home for you to connect, train, and surround yourself with like-minded, fitness-oriented people.


What drives you to maintain or achieve goals?  Do you want to get stronger, feel better, be healthy, trim down or see change?  We are here to motivate you to consistently perform better.  We hold ourselves accountable for helping you reach your goals.



We are here to help you achieve results.  The number one way to get results is consistency.  Your workouts do not have to always be hard to get results, but you do need to commit to consistency.  Your body also thrives when you throw new challenge its way.  In order to see results and continued change, you need a lot of variety in your routine.  FIT Studio trainers are here to help you get the variety and the consistency you need to succeed!  Email us to discuss your training needs.

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