Join us in welcoming new FIT team members on the teaching and training teams at FIT Studio.

Melissa will be teaching BODYSTEP and Cycle this fall.  She is also taking on new personal training clients at FIT.  Recently certified by Les Mills, she believes that “It’s not about being the fastest or the strongest. It’s about showing up, staying positive, and giving it all YOU’VE got!”

Mishelle  joins us to lead a NEW 7AM 45 minute Cycle Express class on Fridays.  I hear she’s an animal in the saddle!  Mishelle recently shared “I may not be a Victoria Secret model, but I could pick one up and squat her”.  That spells strength to me.

Paula  has been leading killer cycle classes at 6:30PM for several months.  Did you know that she is also a very talented TRX Coach and Personal Trainer at FIT Studio?   Paula says “If not today, WHEN?  Just do it NOW.”

Cami will be joining Jimmee and Melissa on the BODYSTEP team.  She is finalizing her certification with Les Mills and will be on the teaching schedule on Saturdays at 9:30AM.   According to Cami “There’s nothing better than an hour workout at FIT, filled with the special energy each person brings to class. I work to appreciate everyone else’s dedication as we work and finish strong together!”

Shen, our resident triathlete and Cycle instructor, tackled another major accomplishment.  She completed initial BODYPUMP certification with Les Mills, and she is working through phase 2 of final certification.  Upon completion, she will lead PUMP classes at FIT.  “I hope to guide you with workouts that are challenging, fast-paced, and full of soulful inspiration.” she tells her class.

We are truly blessed to have the caliber of instructors and trainers that we do at FIT Studio.  Your energy feeds their souls, so just show up, and keep on spinning, pumping, and pressing!