Bio: Kristin’s passion in life is running mountains. Her appreciation for the TRX Suspension Trainer came from her ability to use it as the perfect complement to her long distance running endeavors, including two 100 mile endurance race finishes.  Kristin is an advanced level certified TRX instructor; an American Council of Exercise certified Personal Trainer, and a Road Runner’s Club of America certified run coach.  Kristin brings experience, dedication, creativity and high energy to her TRX classes @ FIT.  She thrives on coaching others in finding their personal mountains to conquer!

Kristin is rarely found indoors and spends most of her days in the redwoods hiking with her children or running with her partner. Kristin is the President on the Board of Directors for Coastside Running Club and supports physical fitness and appreciation of the outdoors in our coastside community.

More About Kristin

Personal Passion: Several years ago, Kristin joined a boot camp program post-partum. Way more intimidating than the 5:30 a.m. class start time was the one mile run at the start of each class. Kristin had never run before and, in her own words “was terrible at it!” At the time, she had no idea that learning to run laps in a parking lot in the dark would be the catalyst to one of the greatest loves of her life! Do people really learn to run? Absolutely! An active lifestyle is as old as the first humans, and Kristin believes it is something that everyone can successfully enjoy and accomplish.

Running did not come easy to Kristin, and even after her first several races she had a hard time calling herself a “runner.” Kristin’s journey to running has been a series of (often hard earned) lessons that eventually took her out of a paved parking lot… and all the way to the Cuyamaca mountains of Southern California where she competed in her first 100 mile trail race. The race was the hardest physical challenge of Kristin’s life, but so rewarding that a year later she did it again when she completed the highly regarded Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run.

Kristin’s consistency with her cross training through TRX has played an important role in her crossing every finish line and cemented her belief that rounding out your overall fitness is the way to sustained health and being able to stay involved with your favorite activities.

Kristin especially enjoys the individuality of running. Not everyone runs the same, or has the same experience. Her goal is not to get everyone to run 100 miles. Her goal is share what she has learned through running and fitness training to bring an awareness to your everyday life that you can climb any personal mountain to which you set your mind.

Many people start a fitness program because it’s a great way to burn calories. Or to have more social time. Or more alone time. But no one ever keeps just those as the reasons they continue to exercise. It is those unique and special “hidden reasons” waiting to be discovered that fuel Kristin’s passion as a personal trainer and run coach.

September 2016