Small Group Series

Small Group Series @ FIT

Enjoy the benefits of a personal training format in a small group setting at FIT Studio. The following programs are offered on an ongoing basis and require advanced sign-up. Some programs offer drop-in opportunities. New programs are always being developed and can be arranged for a groups of 4–10.

TRX Strength & Cardio -– Monthly Classes

TRX Strength & Cardio improves cardio, builds muscular endurance, and promotes weight loss. You’ll experience several time-based endurance rounds, each one followed by a “heart-thumping” cardio challenge! This class will push you to new levels of strength using the TRX Suspension Trainer and your own body weight to lead you to your best all-around fitness.

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Experience beach workouts, trail running, sports drills, team work, goal setting and progress check ins, sweat, laughter, heavy breathing, camaraderie and powerful results!

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This lower-impact workout improves core strength/stability, flexibility,  balance and stamina while using the deep muscles of the core and controlled breathing. Pilates helps to improve body alignment and leaves you feeling strong, calm, and centered. Small apparatus is used in class (foam rollers, small fitness balls and stability balls).

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Little Dancers is for pre-school aged children 3 years and up. (Children need to be ready to attend a class without a parent). We will bend, stretch, twist, jump, tiptoe, run, hop, slither, spin, skip, galop and crawl! We will clap and respond to different types of music and rhythms. Most importantly for this age group, we will use our imaginations to explore, mime and create stories with our dancing. This class is for girls and boys who love movement and dance and are ready to explore.

NEW! Tiny Dancers – Mama & Me is a class for children 2-3 years old and their caregiver to participate together. We will follow a similar format to Little Dancers, but this class is for children who will enjoy the experience more with a participating adult. (Mom, Dad, Nanny…it can be anyone familiar to the child).

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