The new schedule @ FIT starts Tues, Sept 5th.

You’ll see new faces, a few new formats to try, and a couple of class changes. We know that change requires adjustment. We also believe that a NEW challenge is often the catalyst for the CHANGE we seek!

Pilates Mat will become a group fitness class on Mondays at 6 pm. Use your group fitness pass to attend. Don’t miss the opportunity to takes this class with Lele.

New Yoga Toning class with Margaret on Wed at 6 pm

Yoga Toning is a yoga inspired workout that incorporates dumbbells into active poses and postures for an added challenge, and calorie burn. In this hour class we will sculpt and tone your body, focusing on total body strengthening, balance and flexibility.

Cycle Express at 7 am (45 min) on Mondays with Eve & Fridays with Mishelle

45 minute high-energy, efficient, and fun indoor cycling workout that will build cardiovascular endurance, increase muscle strength, and burn fat & calories. With no time to spare, we climb hills, work intervals, and sprint along to energizing music in a motivating group environment. Experience new challenges in the saddle and feel your strength and stamina increasing. A fantastic way to kick off your day!

CycleCX 30/30 with Jodi 8:30 am

30 minutes of interval training on the bike followed by 30 minutes of core work using tubing and body weight resistance.

Core Fusion at 6:30 pm on Tuesdays with Eve

Tone your core through targeted strength-training, cardio drills, and yoga in this fun and balanced class. Burn fat, build lean muscle, and strengthen your entire midsection from the inside out. You’ll leave feeling stronger, tighter, and brighter! All fitness levels!

Zumba on Tuesdays has moved to 5:30 pm with Monica

Online schedule starting Sept 5th is posted. All classes and schedules are subject to change. Updated Aug 26, 2017