Personal Trainer Kerri was interviewed for an articles in Women Total Health & Wellness magazine.

No More Exercise Excuses

Overcome these common barriers to exercise and reap the physical and mental rewards of consistent activity.

Price, Diana. No More Exercise Excuses. A Womean’s Health.

Everyone has pulled out at least one of these excuses to avoid exercise—likely more than one. But no more! Jump these barri­ers to doing your body good, with expert tips from trainers Kerri Dorn and Jessica Matthews, and see how great you feel when you make the choice to put your health first.

Grab a Group: Exercise Trends and Classes

Fitness classes and small group exercise offerings provide challenge and community.

Price, Diana. Grab a Group: Exercise Trends and Classes. A Womean’s Health.

Group exercise can boost motivation, provide new physical challeng­es, and connect you with a community of women similarly committed to health and wellness.

“When I hear, ‘That class was so much fun!’ or ‘That class flew by!’ that’s the best compliment I can get,” Kerri says. “If you learn to have fun when you exercise, you’ll keep doing it!”