Classes September 20–November 8

Little Dancers
3.5–5.5 years
Thursdays 12:30 – 1:15pm
8-week program starts January 17, 2019

Little Dancers is a class for girls and boys who love movement and dance and are ready to explore. Leigh Ann Koelsch will bend, stretch, twist, jump, tiptoe, run, hop, slither, spin, skip, gallop and crawl with your little ones! They will clap and respond to different types of music and rhythms. Most importantly for this age group, the children will use their imaginations to explore, mime and create stories through dance.  Little Dancers is for pre-school aged children 3.5–5.5 years. (Children need to be ready to attend a class without a parent).

Tiny Dancers: Mommy & Me is for children ages 2-3 who are eager to dance and sing, but not quite ready to be in a class without a caregiver.  Mom, Dad or caregiver will participate along with the child and assist them while they use their imaginations to explore, mime and create stories through dance.  Your little ones will bend, stretch, twist, jump, tiptoe, run, hop, slither, spin, skip, gallop and crawl while they clap and respond to different types of music and rhythms.

Note: Tiny Dancers is not offered this fall but will be offered in the future.

Taught by Leigh Anne – see her biography on the FIT Team link.


What age of child can participate?

The Mommy & Me class is for 2-3 years old (less than 2 if the parent feels the child is ready) with caregiver participating with the child in class. The Little Dancer class is for 3-5 year olds who are ready to attend class solo. It is at the discretion of the parent and child as to which class is the most appropriate, and will be most enjoyed by the child. If there is doubt- the child can try one class and transfer to the other if needed.

Why can’t parents watch?

This is an experience meant to teach children to learn from a teacher in a group setting, and it can be very difficult for little ones to focus on taking instruction when there are other adults in the room (who could also be instructing/chatting/taking photos/using phones).  Also, some children are very shy about being watched when they are learning something new and may not participate with a group of parents watching. Last, we need all of the studio space for our explorations and dancing! In Tiny Dancers, the parents are fully participating, so are themselves members of the class. If a child needs a parent present to enjoy class, Tiny Dancers is the best option.

Can boys take Little Dancers?

YES!! Little boys love music and dancing as much as little girls. The types of imagery and stories we will use in class will be suitable for all. And Dads will enjoy Tiny Dancers as well.

What should my child wear for little dancers?

There is no uniform. The children are welcome to wear any comfortable clothing that they can move freely in. However, many of them will feel more like a dancer if they have a special garment for class. Boys’ typical dance class uniform at this age is black shorts and a white shirt, girls usually wear a leotard and perhaps a little ballet skirt.


The children can come in their bare feet, or can wear ballet or jazz shoes. No socks or stocking feet please, it will be too slippery.

What is your training to teach this class?

Leigh Ann graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in London where we were trained to teach students from early childhood through pre-professionals. The RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) has a syllabus specially designed for preschool aged students with their development in mind. Children this age need to learn by discovery, instead of a rigid set of instructions. The class is an exploration of their bodies, how they can move, how they hear and respond to different types of music. Most importantly, we engage the imagination to find the movement with themes that are both familiar and intriguing to young minds.

Will there be a performance?

The goal is to invite parents to watch part of class on the last day but this class is more about pure enjoyment of dance. Hopefully, it will spark an interest in the little dancers, and if they want a more comprehensive dance school environment, there are three wonderful dance schools on the coast!

Will there be more Little Dancers sessions in the future?

Please help us spread the word so these classes will be a success and can continue.