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Monitor your speed and power. Measure calories, track changes and more

The high energy stationary bike workout brings the outdoor ride experience indoors. At FIT Studio it is a priority to bring you MORE AND BETTER spin classes – mornings, evenings, and weekends! Our team of dedicated instructors, each with their own style and music, are working hard to guide you through CHALLENGING, INNOVATIVE, & FUN RIDES that leave you feeling stronger and energized!

Did you know that Indoor Cycling is one of the SAFEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE workouts? According to The American College of Sports Medicine, people who take spinning classes have:

  • Increased muscle and cardiovascular endurance
  • Lower stress
  • Low impact experience on hip, knee, and ankle joints
  • Major calorie burn

At FIT Studio we offer a variety of class formats for all fitness levels.

Class Formats: Cycle | Cycle Core  | Cycle Core & Arms | HIIT Cycle Strength


This high-energy stationary bike workout brings the outdoor ride experience indoors. Monitor your watts, time, calories, cadence(RPM), distance and heart rate in every ride at FIT. All levels

Cycle Core

A 40-45 minute ride capped off with 10 minutes of work for your core. You will do abdominal twists, back exercises, & a variety of training for your midsection.

Cycle Core & Arms

Add free weights to Cycle Core to boost intensity and hit all major muscle groups in the arms.

HIIT Cycle Strength

Cycle through bursts of high exertion followed by active recoveries.  After 30 minutes of energetic cycling, we focus on full-body strength training, using a variety equipment.